Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peach & Chamomile Tea Soaps and A "Little" Snow Here in SC

So yesterday was a busy day in our soap kitchen. I had some custom orders of foaming hand soap to do, bottle up some facial serum and then I made two batches of soap. One was a restock of "Chamomile Tea" and the other was a Peach scent that I really like...still debating on what to call that one. I'm thinking either "Southern Peach" or "Carolina Peach" whatcha think? 

I just luv the look of freshly made soap
 That peach one may just be my new favorite soap...it smells delish!

I cut both batches this morning. Just have to clean up the bars a little and put them on the shelf to cure. They will be ready in a few weeks. Let me know if you would like to reserve a bar. Now I'm working on labels and trying to conjure up in my head what's next in our soap kitchen.
It's a rainy day in South Carolina today, but believe it or not some of us saw SNOW on Saturday night! Actually it kinda scared me for a minute because it started thundering in the midst of all that snow falling, but I heard that's called "thunder snow". It was almost like a little mini blizzard outside. It was soooo windy and the snow was blowing sideways! Yeah...it was a bit much for this southern girl. It was all just about gone on Sunday afternoon after the sun came out (just the way I like it). I must say we've been fortunate enough to have a pretty mild winter this year. So if you've been dealing with the winter blues just remember...SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Just give  it another month or so...
 I hope everyone has a lovely day where ever you are in the world :)
Until next time...

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