Monday, January 2, 2012

Chamomile Tea, Oceanfront, and Lavender Eucalyptus Soaps unmolded and cut

Just wanted to share with you all pictures of these soaps after I unmolded and cut them down to size.
I will have these listed on our website in about 4-5 weeks after they have cured.

"Chamomile Tea"


Oceanfront doesn't look too bad considering what happened to this batch. So I'm pleased. :o)
To read about what happened read my previous post here. I will more than likely sell this batch for a discounted price since I'm not 100% pleased with the outcome. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the soap, it smells good and still lathers up well just like my other soaps. Just not pleased with the "look".


"Lavender Eucalyptus"
Smells wonderful as always.

Thank you for looking and reading! Have a wonderful day!

Off to make more soap...stay tuned.