Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beer Soap & Coconut Lime Verbena

OK, so today I woke up with an EXCRUCIATING migraine. I haven't had one of those in a long time. I could barely stand up, but the one thing that got me up after about two hours of taking an excedrin is this: realizing that I had soap to unmold. Yay! I love unmolding and cutting my soap bars down. It's exciting seeing what the final bars look like. Well sometimes and other times it can be a real pain in the butt. My hubby always comes to my rescue when I'm in the kitchen screaming at a mold! Why oh why are pvc soaps so difficult to unmold. Makes you wonder why do I keep using the pvc pipes?? Weeelll, because I love round bars of soap. I think they fit nicely into male or female hands and it's probably just my imagination but I think they last longer too.

So, yesterday I made two batches of soap. (1) A beer soap scented with apple and (2) a coconut lime verbena soap. I'll post pictures soon. They smell wonderful.

It's funny I'm using beer in my soap and I don't even drink the stuff. I've always thought it was nasty but that just my personal opinion. So why beer in soap? Well I wondered the same thing when I first ran across people using beer in their soap. It's really rather nice and nostalgic. It has all the butters and oils as my other soaps (cocoa, shea, coconut, olive, canola, safflower, etc.) so it really is nice and luxurious lather on the skin. And depending on which beer I'm using sometimes it's a nice natural scent of the hops coming through.

I personally prefer mine with some other fragrance but that's just the girlie side of me ;-) Great for your hair or shaving too! So why just drink beer when you can bathe with it too! Men really love it! These two particular batches need to cure about 4 weeks and then they will be ready to sell and list on our website for $5 bucks a piece.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Etsy shop starting to list products yeh!

I did a lot of work today. YEH!!! I have made 3 batches of soy candles (sea breeze, clean cotton, and Georgia Peach) for a wonderful customer and I have been working on my etsy shop. Just finished making the banner for the storefront. I am so proud of myself! I think it looks pretty decent.

Check out my etsy shop here : I only have one thing listed but it's a step in the right direction.

I am determined to make 2010 a great year for my business!!