Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peach & Chamomile Tea Soaps and A "Little" Snow Here in SC

So yesterday was a busy day in our soap kitchen. I had some custom orders of foaming hand soap to do, bottle up some facial serum and then I made two batches of soap. One was a restock of "Chamomile Tea" and the other was a Peach scent that I really like...still debating on what to call that one. I'm thinking either "Southern Peach" or "Carolina Peach" whatcha think? 

I just luv the look of freshly made soap
 That peach one may just be my new favorite soap...it smells delish!

I cut both batches this morning. Just have to clean up the bars a little and put them on the shelf to cure. They will be ready in a few weeks. Let me know if you would like to reserve a bar. Now I'm working on labels and trying to conjure up in my head what's next in our soap kitchen.
It's a rainy day in South Carolina today, but believe it or not some of us saw SNOW on Saturday night! Actually it kinda scared me for a minute because it started thundering in the midst of all that snow falling, but I heard that's called "thunder snow". It was almost like a little mini blizzard outside. It was soooo windy and the snow was blowing sideways! Yeah...it was a bit much for this southern girl. It was all just about gone on Sunday afternoon after the sun came out (just the way I like it). I must say we've been fortunate enough to have a pretty mild winter this year. So if you've been dealing with the winter blues just remember...SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Just give  it another month or so...
 I hope everyone has a lovely day where ever you are in the world :)
Until next time...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Organizing Goals for 2013

"When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind." --Roman philosopher
Goals are essential because it gives your life direction. You have something to work toward instead of just haphazardly going through life with the attitude "whatever happens...happens".
 Here is the YouTube Video that I referenced in my last blog post. She is superb with home organizing tips and I love the points and ideas that she has here on setting goals and keeping track of them. I think someone commented under the video that you can use Microsoft Word and create a table with 2 columns and 23 rows to get your sheet set-up. And then just color code everything to your preference.
So I hope this helps someone out there the way it's helped me. Talk to you guys soon! ~Yvette

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yep...it's me...AND I'M BACK!!

Heeelllloooo to all of my faithful blog readers!!! Yes it's been a long time...I'm actually kinda embarassed that I haven't posted anything in so long! It's funny how I always start out each year saying "I'm going to do better with my business, blog, website, etc." "I'm re-focused and motivated"!! Ha ha...every year same oh same oh. Well I am saying the same thing this year!

This is my make it or break it year. I told my husband that I would devote my time and energy into this business this year and if it didn't work out by the end of 2013 I would close up shop and just have a "hobby". So this is my year to make it work.


I have so many goals for this year. Personal, Financial, Spiritual, Business, etc. So my plan is to organize my goals on a spreadsheet and then hang them up and reevaluate them every Quarter. I got this idea from Youtube vlogger that I follow. I'll have to find her name and let you know. But anywhoo...evaluating my goals every quarter will help to keep me on track (hopefully) and then I can cross some things off my list or add more goals.

So for the next couple of days I will be working on writing all of my goals down on paper. I have had my spiritual goals written down since September...so now I'll just expand that to my Business. That way I can be balanced. I feel like I've rambled on and on in this post. So my next post will be more focused. It's late...I had this bright idea to eat some super sweet peach cobbler around 12am...and now I'm beginning to think that wasn't such a good idea :)

**Disclaimer: This is not the Peach Cobbler I ate, but it does look delish so you can find the recipe Here on this blog.

**Another Disclaimer: Please excuse any typos or incorrect grammer...it's late and I didn't really proofread good!

I hope you all have a good night! Off to bed I go! By the way I did make a couple of new soaps so I'll post some pictures of those the next time. Until we meet again...Toodles!