Monday, February 13, 2012

New Website currently in the works...

Hi everyone! Just thought I'd check in for a bit and tell you what I've been up to today. It's kind of cold & chilly here in SC today! We've had a really mild winter so I really can't complain much about the weather.

 I am currently working on a new website so that is taking up sooo much of my time. I would love to be making soap today. However...this is a necessity. I decided to go back to a website with a shopping cart because I think that will make things a lot easier for me & my customers. So instead of emailing me or calling with your orders you can go ahead and place your order right from the website and it will direct you to paypal to pay at the end of your transaction. No worries, you don't have to create a paypal account to pay, you can just pay as a guest if you'd like it's a very secure website. Now if you have to pay using a check or money order then you still need to email me at 
I haven't quite figured out if there's a way to bypass the paypal checkout. Also, your paypal receipt will say "Miranda's Collection" and it's fine that us: Carolina Soap Company. I just need to change the name.

**For all my local customers who get your products delivered to you type in the coupon code: LOCALPICKUP and shipping charges will not be added to your total. Make sure you put it in all caps.**

I have about 17 products listed so far and I need to take pictures and list others. Well as I type this I think that what I will go ahead and do is...go ahead and list some other products and upload the pictures later as I take them. That way you can go ahead and order anything that you need (just not pretty product pictures to view).  Well I'm off to do some more web design so until next time...

Here is the link to the new website:

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that I did go ahead and discount the "Oceanfront" soap that didn't turn out as planned. It's listed on the website for $2.50! If you'd like to try it hurry b/c there are only about 7 bars to go around at that price. I do have a confession: I've been using this soap for the past 3 weeks or so and I love it. So that's why it's only 7 more bars left. I'm going to try and contain myself and sell those bars.

Hopefully my next batch will come out as planned :o)

So now...until next time...toodles!