Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Shower Favors

I had a super busy weekend but I enjoyed it so much! I was able to help with my sister's baby shower and it turned out really nice. She got so many cute itty bitty clothes. And to end the weekend with a bang I went to a super bowl party ( GO SAINTS!!!) I loved being with family and friends the entire weekend. I laughed so hard until I cried!
I was able to do the favors for the shower and I think they turned out rather nicely. We had 50 hand sanitizers and 50 candles (recycled baby food jars) and they ALL went. I hope everyone enjoys them. ;-) The pink candles were scented in Geranium Lily and the lavender was scented in Lilac. Enjoy the pictures!

Gift Boxes with curly ribbon I had 100 of these to do (whew)

1 oz. Hand Sanitizers with a personal message

Sanitizers before the labels were put on

100% Soy Candles in 4 oz. Baby Food Jars - Each Jar Recycled from my little nephew ;-)

Too cute!

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