Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hiya Everyone!! I'm still around :o)

Where has the time gone?! This year has truly flown by! Wow, this is all going to take some used to again. I've been MIA  for a while now on my blog and I am so sorry to those of you who follow my blog and wonder "when in the world is she going to post something"? LOL...TODAY is the day! Yeah I'm so sad :o)
Seriously though my goal for 2012 is to at least make a blogpost once a week. Hopefully more, but for now that seems like a realistic goal to me.

Lots to do before the end of the year, which is only 3 days away. I've got lots of new things planned for 2012. We did home parties this year and plan to do the same next year as well as participate in a few more craft shows. New products, designs, changes to our website, newsletter, more youtube videos on our get the idea. I will definitely be asking for your input as we make necessary changes and I want to say to you all thank you so much for your support throughout the years. Next month will be our 7th Anniversary in this business journey and we look forward to growing a lot more!

I have soo much to tell you all, so what I'm going to do is organize everything by subject and then make seperate posts. I will start with the soaps I poured today and what I learned in that experience (hint hint:  seizing soap). I just finished making a Chamomile soap  (haven't decided on a name), Lavender Eucalyptus, and Ocean (long story on Ocean). That will all post tomorrow with pictures. Hope you all have a wonderful day. We're having beautiful weather here in SC this winter I hope it stays that way!

Myrtle Beach, SC

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