Monday, January 10, 2011

Coconut Milk Soap (what a mess)

Soooo....I guess I haven't gotten the hang of soaping with coconut milk. I have no earthly idea what happened to this batch of soap. Maybe I measured something wrong, I don't know! Mixing the coconut milk with the lye was a little tricky. That may have been my mistake. All I know is it came out an oily mess!! Smells good though.:)

This is the ugliest soap I have ever made. I have used probably only 2 bars of this loaf, I just think it's so ugly I can't bear to take it in the shower with me LOL These pictures are when I first made it back in September (I think) it's even uglier now.
Just thought I would share this ugly soap with my blog readers in case you guys needed a laugh today :-) I will be trying to learn how to rebatch this batch of soap. I've never rebatched before but I guess now is as good a time as any to learn. Live & Learn.

Look at the oil just running out! I must have measured something wrong. But it still lathers up really well in the shower and it's creamy too.


  1. Hey, as long as it gets me clean, I'll use it!! Pass it on over here!

  2. whatever - i agree if it gets me clean - i'll take the extra oil in the winter :)