Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hello all! I've decided to change the name of my business!!! I'm so excited, I think it will mean help me appeal to a wider customer base. I'm thinking BIG TIME in the future of course. My goal with Carolina Soap Company is to feature mainly ALL Natural products! (or at least nearly natural) I'm phasing out a lot of my candle line from Miranda's Collection. I will feature some aromatherapy spa candles and that type of thing. But it was getting to be too much trying to keep up with all of the different candle scents and bath and body too. Starting in 2010 I am going to concentrate more on the bath and body aspect of the business. Thank you all for your support! Toodles for now. Need to get some kind of logo designed.
Any ideas on a logo would be appreciated. I think I want to include the palmetto tree somewhere in there and a bar of soap.

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